Peach Tree Rascals’ “Fumari” is an upbeat testament to the constant search for better times – and its drawbacks

Music group Peach Tree Rascals have released their short but incredibly satisfying new single “Fumari”. A funky and contemplative bop, the song follows the release of their killer EP i can’t wait for you to come my way released in August this year – which also includes their viral hit “Mariposa”. Tarrek from the band introduces the song by saying:

“‘Fumari’ is about chasing after something more… whether it’s a feeling with a drug, a memory of the past, or a goal in the future. It’s about wanting to escape the current moment to a time or event that’s more exciting. We used to feel these feelings a lot back home in San Jose before we officially started making music. It was all about thinking back to happy times or looking ahead to drive our ambitions.”

The fast-paced production of “Fumari” is built off a guitar riff, bass and finger snaps with warm vocals singing how “We live inside a dream / But we never wake up.” Lyrically, the group portray humanity’s tendency to constantly chase after things which may or may not be unattainable. As the catchy chorus laments how we are “forever searching for the light” and “forever waiting for the time,” there is an implication that this chase means nobody is stopping to acknowledge what they have or question if they are pursuing the right thing. While a seamlessly delivered rap verse adds a further dimension and cuts down naysayers who don’t respect the journey.

The multi-genre group have created a song that is, within the space of two minutes, both supremely catchy and thoughtful. It is currently unknown whether this song precedes a new project or a standalone release, but regardless “Fumari” will easily be on repeat. If listeners are looking for a respite from their own troubles then let this song be a comforting reassurance that you are not the only one who thinks something is missing.

Watch the video for “Fumari”, which features comic book art by Gabrielle Alicea, below – or listen on streaming platforms.

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