Edgar Daniel

Peach Tree Rascals share the whimsical, love struck “Let U Go”

Peach Tree Rascals deal in the sort of earworms that have the power to brighten your day, should you just let them. Their latest, “Let U Go”, is far, far (far) away from the break up song the title may imply, instead opting for a track of a man deeply in love.

“My baby calls, but she never gets a hold of me/She’s out the door, wow, she’s been listening/But I never wanna let you go/Never wanna let you go/Never gonna let you go,” the hook goes, and that says plenty about the energy on display here. There’s a bit of push and pull in the verses, but at its heart, this is without question the song of a soul deeply smitten.

Speaking on the track, the band share, “‘Let U Go’ was the final song added to our EP, Does a Fish Know it’s Wet? We love how high energy it is. We feel like it best rounds out the EP and tells the story about how sometimes whether it’s a romantic relationship, personal relationship, or even just a friendship, you have to learn to let go of the things that are preventing you from being successful and happy. This idea ties back to the greater vision of the project which is that oftentimes we feel like our decisions are being influenced by those around us when our ultimate goal is to create our own path especially when it comes to the storytelling in our music and how we visualize those topics.

Check it out below.