Pavement release “Be The Hook”, one of 28 unreleased songs on upcoming Terror Twilight Reissue

We have a new album from Pavement as one of the ‘longshots’ of our Anticipated Releases 2022 feature, but second to getting all new material a batch of 28 previously unreleased tracks will do nicely!

That’s what they’ll be gifting us on April 8 when Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal is released. The final of their five albums, and the last to get its long-awaited reissue, the new Terror Twilight‘s 4xLP and 2xCD editions will include a book with never-before-seen photos and commentary/context from band members Mark Ibold, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich, Spiral Stairs, and Steve West as well as producer Nigel Godrich.

The vinyl version will put the songs in Godrich’s preferred sequence, while the CD maintains the sequence released in 1999.

Today they’ve shared one of those previously unheard tracks, “Be The Hook”, an off-the-wall jam that could have easily slotted into the original album. Then again, we wouldn’t be getting it as a delightful surprise today if it had.

Check out “Be The Hook” with its animated video below, or find it on streaming platforms.

Pavement’s Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal is out on April 8 through Matador (pre-order/save). The track list is:

LP1 – Side A
1)    Platform Blues
2)    The Hexx
3)    You Are a Light
4)    Cream of Gold
5)    Ann Don’t Cry

LP1 – Side B
1)    Billie

2)    Folk Jam
3)    Major Leagues
4)    Carrot Rope
5)    Shagbag #
6)    Speak, See, Remember
7)    Spit On a Stranger

LP2 – Side C
1)    The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
2)    Rooftop Gambler
3)    Your Time to Change
4)    Stub Your Toe
5)    Major Leagues (Demo Version)
6)    Decouvert de Soleil

LP2 – Side D
1)    Carrot Rope (SM Demo) #
2)    Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo) #
3)    Billy (SM Demo) #
4)    Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo) #
5)    You Are a Light (SM Demo) #
6)    Cream of Gold Intro (Jessamine) #
7)    Cream of Gold (SM Demo) #

LP3 – Side E
1)    Spit On a Stranger (SM Demo) #
2)    Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo) #
3)    You Are a Light (Echo Canyon) #
4)    Ground Beefheart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon) #
5)    Folk Jam (Echo Canyon) #

LP3 – Side F
1)    Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon) #
2)    Jesus in Harlem [Cream of Gold] (Echo Canyon) #
3)    The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade (Echo Canyon) #
4)    Spit On a Stranger (Echo Canyon) #
5)    Be the Hook #

LP4 – Side G
1)    You Are a Light (Jackpot!) #
2)    Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (RPM) #
3)    Rooftop Gambler (Jessamine) #
4)    For Sale! The Preston School of Industry (Jessamine) #
5)    Frontwards (Live) #

LP4 – Side H
1)    Platform Blues (Live) #
2)    The Hexx (Live) #
3)    You Are a Light (Live) #
4)    Folk Jam (Live) #
5)    Sinister Purpose (Live) #

#= previously unreleased
2xCD features 1999 album sequence