Paris Texas come out guns blazing on “Bullet Man”

Boundary pushing duo Paris Texas have released their explosive new single and video “Bullet Man”, building towards a new album to follow up 2021’s debut offering BOY ANONYMOUS.

Over a driving bass synth, the duo take on the role of frenzied shooters firing at everyone and everything; “with the glock feel like john wick”. It’s filled with irreverent fun, the duo taking glee in suggestions of shooting strangers, the chorus simply being a repetition of “shoot ’em up” with shouts of “quick reload the clip” dotted throughout. It seems to be a comment on how we’ve become desensitised to mass shootings thanks to their frequency and the proliferation of violent first-person shooters, making everything seem unreal (“That man in the mirror is so much damn realer / Than half of you n****s, Go figure go figure”). But it’s also a lot of fun, despite the horror.

Watch the video for “Bullet Man”, directed Aus Taylor, below or find it on streamers.

You can find Paris Texas on Instagram and Twitter.