LA duo Paris Texas have no interest in being defined. They simply won’t allow it, and their music completely supports their determination. As they announce their debut project BOY ANONYMOUS for release next month, they’ve also shares a new single called “Force of Habit”.

Nearly disorientating in its blend of sounds and textures – but instead arriving as a perfectly delectable slice of the unclassifiable – “Force of Habit” is a groovy trip through their every novel idea and whim, right on down to the sound of abrupt gunfire interrupting the catchy opening verse.

The video for the song also provides the truest glimpse we’ve yet been given into their world, with director ILLIMITEWORLD offering an intimate view of the duo. Any further words will simply spoil the brilliant fun at hand, so it’s best to just see and hear it for yourself.

Watch the video below or listen to “Force of Habit” on streaming platforms.

BOY ANONYMOUS arrives on May 14 (pre-save). You can find Paris Texas on Instagram and Twitter.