“I take my bath in the ocean,” Pan Daijing calmly intones at the opening of her latest single, “Let 七月”, nearly emotionless.

It’s a perfect opener for a truly unique sonic experience, one that begins with a false sense of calm that gradually, nearly imperceptibly reaches a sort of resigned terror. Fleeting keys and eerie noises build along with the sense of impending dread.

Born and raised in Guiyang, Southwest China, Daijing has made Berlin her home, like so many creative musical outsiders. Her latest album, Jade 玉观音, is due out June 4. With music that exists some place between Jenny Hval’s meditative lyricism and the glacial, deeply felt electronic worlds of, say, a Ben Frost, she is no doubt an artist to quickly take note of if you haven’t already before.

Check out “Let 七月” below or on your preferred platform.

Pan Daijing’s new album Jade 玉观音 comes out June 4 through PAN (pre-order/save).