Photo: Aysia Marotta

Overcoats share emotional anthem to perseverance in love, “Blame It On Me”, featuring Lawrence Rothman

Overcoats continue to dig into dramatic, anthemic Indie pop. The Brooklyn duo is determined to keep reaching listeners emotionally, even in this stunted, misshapen time in our lives.

Following on from the Tennis collaboration “The Hardest Part”, their latest single, “Blame it on Me”, might be the most far-reaching they’ve yet gone, an anthem to refusing to give up on a relationship. We’ve all had that one love that we simply can’t let go of, regardless of the space our partner is in, and the single jabs right into that sensitive vein.

“No matter what you say / I’m still gonna feel this way / No matter what you do, I’m still gonna want you,” they desperately, poignantly cry over a striking piano ballad. The track also features Lawrence Rothman, whose presence (not to mention) deep vocals elevates the song to a true back-and-forth.

Speaking on the video for “Blame It on Me”, Overcoats share, “The video was filmed in the basement of an old church in Brooklyn. We were able to create a whole world in which this longing tale between Pauli and Omari [the video’s two stars] could unfold. Ideas of collective and individual experience, the rave scene, and sticking together for the sake of sticking together felt interesting to explore as we begin to reemerge from a long and challenging period of isolation. This song is heartbreaking but we think it tries to show that there can be beauty in the wreckage.

Watch the video below or find “Blame It On Me” on streaming platforms.

Overcoats’ upcoming EP titled Used To Be Scared of the Dark which will be released on June 4 through Loma Vista. Follow Overcoats on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.