of Montreal return via the delightfully bizarre “Marijuana’s a Working Woman”, announce new album

of Montreal have become one of the most reliable forces in Indie music, returning (at least of late) each year like clockwork. Since 2020’s underloved Ur Fun, they’ve been on a pandemic-inspired tear, and that’s not set to change to change in 2022. The beloved Athens band have just announced their latest album, the gloriously absurdly titled Freewave Lucifer f<ck f^ck f>ck.

To kick things off, they’ve shared the equally perfectly titled “Marijuana’s a Working Woman”, a reliably bizarre sonic adventure into their inner world, complete with different fleeting sections that blend and morph betwixt each other. Speaking on the song, the band’s creative guide, Kevin Barnes, shares, “Like all the songs on the album, this one was informed by pandemic isolation and the psychological struggle inherent in that kind of existence. The lyrics are a free flowing collage of all that I was perceiving and absorbing during that time period. I swapped alcohol for weed midway through the pandemic and that is what the title of the song refers to.

Check it out below, along with its riotous animated video, and look out for Freewave Lucifer f<ck f^ck f>ck come July 29th via Polyvinyl.