Photo: Jed DeMoss

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington’s DARKSIDE returns with “Liberty Bell” ahead of new album

Darkside, as you’re probably all aware, was the short-lived art-jazz-pop project of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, who released one classic album, Psychic, in 2013, toured to rapturous response for a year and then dissolved into nothingness.

Well, now they’re back! In a simple statement on social media, they said:

“In 2018 we met for the first time in five years to make new music. In December of 2019, we finished the follow up to our first album Psychic. It’s called Spiral and it was mixed by Rashad Becker and mastered by Heba Kadry and will come out on Matador Records in the spring of 2021. Liberty Bell is the first single. Talk soon.”

For those who loved Psychic, “Liberty Bell” will feel like the return of an odd but beloved old friend. The duo take a classic Latin-influenced beat and instrumentation, warp it and re-produce it in their own indefinable but undoubtedly transcendent style. Detailed and instinctual, cinematic and haunting – and undeniably something you want to dance to – there’s no doubt that Darkside still have the magic that made them an essential listen the first time around.

Listen to “Liberty Bell” on streaming platforms or below.

We’re not sure exactly when Darkside’s Spiral will come out beyond ‘Spring 2021’, but stay up to date by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.