Japanese musician Nami Sato has captivated with her series of EPs and singles released in the last couple of years, but she is now on the verge of releasing her debut album. It’s called World Sketch Monologue and arrives on March 31 via The Ambient Zone. Following on from recent single “SEABED”, we now have the pleasure of bringing you “Blue Drizzling”, which comes from a very deep personal place of loss. Nami Sato explains:

“When I was a teenager, my close friend died. It was suicide. He was the one who taught me how great music is. I provided music for a friend’s film and even though I had never told the filmmaker about the loss, there was a deceased friend in the film as a character. The title of the movie is “Aoshi Shigure”, translated into English as “Blue Drizzling”.

“When I am in the fog surrounded by the blue light of dawn, it feels like someone who has left this world is standing in the depths of the fog. All the pain of losses I experienced have been and will continue to be the inspiration of my music. Perhaps it will continue until the day I become a resident of the fog forever.”

In “Blue Drizzling”, the artist renders that enveloping blue light in overlapping analogue synth tones that seem to have the power to both caress and heal. Sato lends her voice for a few elegant lines: “Sleep of gold and a thousand dances / The eyes of onyx / The song of dawn / That you left.” Her voice then melds with the glistening surroundings, keeping you transfixed until “Blue Drizzling” reaches a surprising but utterly stunning climax. Here, it seems all her pain has melted away and she’s able to look positively at the facts of life and death. “Blue Drizzling” is a captivating song throughout, that builds to this truly breathtaking and life-affirming moment.

Nami Sato’s new album World Sketch Monologue arrives on March 31 via The Ambient Zone (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.