South London songwriter Mysie has returned with her first new music of the year in the form of a song called “Gift”. It sees her once again teaming with producer Duncan Pym and continuing her fearless self-examination. She says:

Gift is about realising that someone in your life is puppeteering you. Saying what you want to hear in order to manipulate or oppress you. You’ve given up too much and now you need to get out.”

Mysie’s rich and soulful voice is perfect for this topic, as she can show both her vulnerability and her strength to fight back, flipping back and forth with skill. The instrumental backing of “Gift” is low-key but perfectly arranged with jazz-inflected drums and whirling synths creating a heavy internal atmosphere. As it comes to the powerful chorus, strings ascend dramatically as Mysie stares down the subject of the song, fully aware of the power they have over her – but the strength that radiates from “Gift” sends the message that she’s quickly outgrowing them.

There should be more to come from Mysie in the near future; keep up with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.