Mura Masa declares desire on the yearning “2gether” with Gretel Hänlyn

It’s been almost two years since Mura Masa released his second album R.Y.C but he’s been busy remixing the likes of Erika De Casier and producing PinkPantheress. Today he returns with his first track under his own name since his second album, “2gether”, and has tapped rising 19-year-old talent Gretel Hänlyn for vocal duties.

Emerging with a similar sound to the indie-throwback sound of R.Y.C, “2gether” is first a vehicle for Hänlyn’s emotive vocal talents, with Mura Masa quietly looming in the background with wan synths and chirping samples. It’s not long before “2gether” hits a peak of emotion, as Hänlyn stretches out the desire “I just want us to be together” and the producer drops a juddering dubstep beat to underscore the depth of the yearning. It’s a smashing showcase for the vocalist and a powerful comeback for the vocalist, who make a great double act.

Listen to “2gether” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

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Gretel Hänlyn is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.