Photo: Guy Gotto

Muna Ileiwat outgrows her former self on the stylish synth bop “Pity Party”, announces debut EP

Muna Ileiwat is a London-based New Jersey-born songwriter who is releasing her debut EP, Twenty-Seven, on August 19 through Fear Of Missing Out Records. The title refers to a transformative age for her, she says: “That year marks a time when I became somewhat of an open book. I had no time for people’s bullshit and decided I was just going to start tackling life with 100% conviction.”

On “Pity Party”, Ileiwat could be singing to a friend, but more likely it’s to herself – this kind of cruel admonishment is usually reserved for ourselves, after all. Over blocky synth beats and dreamy sheens, she trains her ire on someone and tells them to stop acting so badly, to stop looking for acceptance, to start talking to the people who have come to celebrate their birthday – there’s no time for a “Pity Party”. Her words are straight-to-the-point, but the music softens the blow and makes them seem manageable; it’s like a close friend giving you some tough love – it might sting, but you know they’re right.

Watch the video for “Pity Party” below or listen on streaming platforms.

Muna Ileiwat’s Twenty-Seven EP comes out on August 19 through Fear Of Missing Out (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.