Photo: Nolan Knight

Mountains Like Wax brighten our day with “Blueside” and answer our questions (BPM Premiere)

Calls for gratitude, especially in music, can feel less supportive and more grating. How often does a “keep your chin up” song actually turn a bad mood around? Is anyone actually listening to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” if they’re not already the latter.

Nashville’s Mountains Like Wax understand this. Their new song, “Blueside”, is supportive without being proselytizing. Before a word has been uttered, its jangly riff feels like its washing woes off you. When it bursts into its chorus and its colorific imagery, you might feel the rejuvenation you didn’t know you needed. Don’t look on the bright side; look on the “Blueside.”

The band also answered some questions about the song, via email.

How did “Blueside” first come together?

“Blueside” came around after a desire to capture the recognition of beauty in our daily lives, and in the steadiness that love and partnership can bring. The obviousness of uncertainty in our lives these days can easily make a foothold for dark dives into the world of depression and things of the like. We wanted to write a song that recognizes that, and fights against it – which is easier to do with your person to bring you up. 

Do you have any special connection to “blue”?

I think everyone does. It encapsulates beauty, sorrow, summer, rejuvenation, life, and so much in between. 

What are you looking forward to about performing this live?

Everything. Haha. The chorus has an excitement about it that’s stylistically different that anything we’ve written so far. Sharing that energy with other people in person is a day we very much look forward to. 

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