Photo: Aidan Schechter

Morgen shares masterful melodies on Bravado EP

Sir Elton John doesn’t often have high praise for teenagers, but he has raved about Australian-born LA-based artist morgen. Like Elton, morgen writes melodies that tattoo themselves on your brain upon first listen. Her new EP, BRAVADO, is full of fabulous melodies, including the new single “Second” (with a features vocals from fellow Australian merci, mercy).

The young singer has many of the qualities that have made The 1975’s Matty Healy an international star: charisma, songwriting prowess and and a remarkable flair for EP/album titles. Her debut collection had the hilarious title Unaccompanied Minor, and BRAVADO is the perfect title for the new EP because morgen is brimming with confidence that never turns into off-putting swagger.

“To me, BRAVADO is about putting up a confident front while internally freaking out and settling into the unknown,” says morgen. “While I was making this EP, I was going through the utter chaos of self-discovery of becoming an adult.”

Many successful pop artists have bodyguards, but that’s not necessary for morgen because she already has a black belt in karate. Like Miley Cyrus, morgen has achieved a lot while still a teen – and I’m sure she’ll continue to crush it in her 20s.

Listen to “Second” below, or find the BRAVADO EP on the streaming services.

Morgen’s new EP BRAVADO is out now on Sony Music Australia and Avoca Drive.

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