Jess Gleeson

merci, mercy shares the ecstatic yet painful “Into You”

Sydney-based alt-pop artist merci, mercy has quickly been making a name for herself via heartfelt, instantly catchy tunes. Her latest, “Into You”, takes what, in most hands, would be a slow, dramatic ballad into an earworm. It’s deceptively warm, as she’s singing about heartbreak and an inability to connect, but she makes it sound just like the sort of song you’d like playing at your next get together.

The song itself builds along with mercy’s story, gradually adding electric guitar and synths as extra layers behind her addictive voice. “I told my friends that you were bad for me / and all they could do was agree,” she sizzles, yet at the same time, she’s feeling sorry for her onetime lover, imagining that they may well spend forever alone. It follows her prior single, “Black Cloud”, all in preparation of her sophomore EP, out later this month, September 30th.

Check it out below.

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