MOR9H takes us into his complex and twisted vision with debut single “Maniac” (BPM Premiere)

Ross Allchurch, aka MOR9H (pronounced ‘morph’), is best known for his compositional work. Over the last decade he has been commissioned for a range of projects, including being selected over others (notably Max Richter) for Chicago Joffrey Ballet’s ‘Home’.

Allchurch’s step away from his compositional work and into MOR9H came after finding old recordings that were tucked away in an attic, not long after his dad passed away. It felt like a fitting time to return to this work, and on listening to “Maniac” you’ll be grateful he did.

The track bears echoes of the majesty of Martin Grech’s work, with its sparkling synth lines, drawn-out vocals and energetic, pulsating guitars. There is an anthemic pessimism to the track, a touch of realism to the fevered optimism of a nation in the grips of assuming a few bouts of clapping here and there are sufficient appeasement for today’s woes. As MOR9H opines “No-one’s coming to save you”. Ouch!

 “Maniac” is a politically charged statement about life in post-Brexit Britain and the rise of populism and superficiality in political discourse. The video features kinetically frenzied ballet that perfectly compliments the skittish and brooding mood of the track.

“Maniac” is released officially tomorrow. You can get more details on MOR9H’s official site. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.