North Londoner Molly Burman emerged last month with the irrepressible “Fool Me With Flattery”, and today she’s revealed that she’ll be releasing her debut EP, of the same name, on August 20. Along with the announcement comes another swaggering single called “Everytime”, with Burman saying:

“”Everytime” is about my sad excuse for a love life. I used to be so obsessed with dating and getting validation from guys, but they just kept ghosting me. It got to a point where I realised I needed to accept that I was going to be on my own for a while and might as well start loving my own company. It’s like a sort of love letter to myself, always there to remind me that I am enough and I am exactly what I want.”

A song that traces her emotional growth and self-acceptance, “Everytime” begins with Burman feeling defeated after another dating disappointment, her voice sighing over strolling guitar; “When will someone like me enough / I know I act tough / but when will I be more than I be more than ‘nice’ and ‘fun’?” She soon turns her daggers outwards, where they ought to be, and the second verse finds her shifting onto the attack, “what’s with all the rudeness? / manners are free / at least have the balls to say / don’t just air me so easily.” With this justified indignation propping her up, she comes back to the central question of when she’ll be enough, but this time dismisses it and concludes “Everytime” on a sunny and upbeat note: “I think I’m great, a laugh, good date / I’m always kind”, and eventually asks the only question that really matters: “when will I see I’m exactly what I want?”

You can watch the Harv Frost-directed video for “Everytime” below, or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Molly Burman’s Fool Me With Flattery EP comes out on August 20 through Prolifica Inc. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.