Photo: Nick Mckk

Merpire takes inspiration from Jurassic Park to express her anxieties on “Dinosaur”

Melbourne-based songwriter Merpire has been releasing singles for a few years now, but if you’re new to her, she’s going to rampage straight into your heart with her new song and video, “Dinosaur”. She explains the inspiration for the track:

 “‘Dinosaur’ is inspired by a line in the first Jurassic Park movie when Sam Neil’s character says “If you stay still, they can’t see you.” Whether it’s a fact about the T-Rex or not, I always wished this could be the case with humans – if you don’t feel like seeing anyone or you want to smoke bomb from a social interaction you can just freeze and become invisible. Oh no, it’s just the opposite.”

While the song is about wishing to escape everyone’s attention, Merpire is sure to grab it with this boisterous rocker. She’s found a winning combination by placing her phobias in dinosaur-related metaphors and adjoining them with emphatic riffs, and it only takes a couple of listens before you’re singing sweetly along to lines like “I always thought you had to be born with it / But maybe that was just Maybelline” and then yelping with the cathartic finale “I made the cage I’m in / I’m blinded by nothing / I’m tired of my skin.” We just can’t wait until this becomes the deserved festival anthem of the summer (maybe 2022?), with blow-up dinosaurs as far as the eye can see.

The video for “Dinosaur” takes the song’s charm even further, as it recreates the singer in her teenage bedroom, built under a trampoline. You have to watch it to get it, but it’s worth it.

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