Madison McFerrin keeps anxiety at arm’s length on “Stay Away (From Me)”

Justin French

Some dance to connect, others dance to escape. But there’s an intermediate here as well, as Madison McFerrin‘s first self-produced song “Stay Away (From Me)” expresses so eloquently. Its supple soul-laced groove warps and contorts like ice cream melting under a ray of light; though instead of crumbling, McFerrin – the daughter of the legendary Bobby McFerrin – keeps her vocal delivery centred and resolute, cutting her path down the middle within the song’s inviting, translucent cadence.

Escaping the trap of my mind can be a hard one. ‘Am I doing the right thing?” she says of the song. “Have I taken the right actions? Am I too late?’ Written in December 2020, “Stay Away (From Me)” served as a conduit to – and through – the fear of the unknown that was so ripe in that moment. One of the first songs I fully produced myself, “Stay Away (From Me)” helped me let go of some of the gripping anxiety that came with our new reality. In creating this music, I hope to let others know that they are not going through this moment alone.”

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