Lorde hails the eclipse with bright new bop “Solar Power” and its Midsommar-esque video

After having unveiled the cover art earlier this week with the somewhat cryptic message “Patience is a virtue,” Lorde has now dropped her new song “Solar Power”, her first single since 2017’s Melodrama. And boy, is it a radical departure from what she had gotten us used to in the past.

It didn’t come without its teeny weeny bit of controversy, though: a false start (or PR manoeuvre? Guess we’ll never know) had the single briefly become available in selected streaming services and locations before being taken down a mere five minutes later. Some may even have wondered if it wasn’t, in fact, a collective hallucination.

Appropriately released on a solar eclipse day, “Solar Power” echoes post-Second Summer Of Love vibes (both me and Annie Zaleski went straight into Primal Scream’s “Loaded” on a first listen) mixed with neo esoterica referents that are visible both in the extremely Midsommar-esque video but also sprinkled (spiked?) throughout the lyrics: “acid green,” “aquamarine,” “no shirt, no shoes,” ” girls dancing in the sand.” Slightly tame at the beginning, the song opens wide as the chorus kicks in at the approximately two minute-mark, the dawn of a brand new day for the “prettier Jesus” that has taught their disciples how to sing a new hymn.

Lorde and the new creatures indeed. Let the sunshine fucking in.

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