It Can't Be Simple

Fresh from their sophomore album Peach, which was released earlier this year, Chicago’s Secret Colours are hearing up for not just one, but two new releases next year. These releases come in the form of two linked EPs entitled Positive Distraction Part I and Positive Distraction Part II. Part I will be released digitally on February 4th 2014 with Positive Distractions Part II being released digitally on April 29th, marking Secret Colours return to Texas for 2014’s Austin Psych Fest. Both EPs will get a combined physical release on vinyl and cassette on the same day April 29th also. Below you can listen to “It’s Can’t Be Simple,” which is the first taste from the first EP, which seems a lot looser than the content on Peach. Consequently the band sounds much more at ease with their surroundings, like they’re fusing together naturally as staccato organ chords lie between electric guitar flourishes. Again it sounds indebted to psych-rock from 1960 onwards, but here they sound like their reinventing the genre as opposed to paying homage to it. Listen to “It can’t be Simple” below.