Some The moon

The last release we had from Kalle Mattson was the admittedly lacklustre and innocuous Lives In Between EP back in 2012. Mattson is back, though, and he sounds transformed, beefed up with bigger instrumentation and a wider scope of life. On February 11th next year he will return with this third studio album titled Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold. The first two tracks from that album will be “An American Dream” and “Darkness,” which themselves got a release on a 7″ a few months back. Now they sound like the perfect introduction to what promises to be a notable release of 2014. With it’s fuzzing guitar fanfare, “An American Dream” sounds downright patriotic – ironic for someone from Ottawa. “Darkness,” on the other hand deals with the more focussed folksier side of Mattson’s writing, lifting up lightly from a dusky Fleet Foxes acoustic track to something that sounds like it’s had Beirut’s magic sprinkled over it, with soothing horn accompaniments. Have a listen to the two tracks below and head over to Mattson’s Bandcamp page where you download your copy of Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold, which (of course) will be released on gold vinyl.