Sequence Dream

Back in February of this year LA duo Fonda released their fourth album, Sell Your Memories. Not lingering on the after effect of its release too much, David Klotz and Emily Cook have been hard at work putting together its follow up, which will be due sometime next year. In the meantime, though, they’ve released a intriguing duo of new tracks for your listening pleasure. “Sequence Dream” got its release back on November 26th via Minty Fresh Records, and it’s a bass-heavy, slower take on shoegaze style they’re credited to. Plodding by smoothly over five minutes, it sounds almost cinematic, like it should be soundtracking a tumultuous montage (or dream sequence, I suppose) from a movie.

If “Dream Sequence” wasn’t more than enough to have playing over and over, Fonda also have a new b-side to go with it. On paper “Another New Year’s Eve” should be even more separated from the aforementioned genre what with the mere (I use the word “mere” in a relative manner) inclusion of a twenty-piece string section. Creating graceful sweeps beside another dose of prominent bass, Klotz describes the titular scene as streets fill up with people while he wrestles his disinterest with the occasion. Complete with dramatic swells and the sound of a midnight countdown, it really is something for the festive season (if their acoustic Low-like take on “Last Christmas” doesn’t do it for you). Listen to “Sequence Dream” and “Another New Year’s Eve” below.