Dear Delia

You may or may not have heard that the cult TV series Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary this Saturday past, and for the occasion the BBC broadcast a 70-minute special live across the world, including live in cinemas (in 3D, no less). Many held parties and marked the occasion by dressing up as thier favourite characters from the show, or just pointing their sonic screwdrivers at random passer-bys in the street. Laura Kidd of She Makes War went one step further and made a live ode to pioneering composer and musical geek extraordinaire Delia Derbyshire with her track “Dear Delia” which utilizes the Doctor Who theme song into a charming and looping vocal piece. Listen and download the track below, which was performed live at The Islington on 23rd November 2013 (the same day as the 50th Anniversary).