My heart has

You may not have seen the British film Where the Dogs Divide Her, but you’ll likely agree that it doesn’t look like the most upbeat or normal affair from the footage used in the video for Christine Leakey’s new single. Leakey was commissioned to create a new track for the film with lyrics coming from a poem written a specific scene, and together, it’s like a marriage of true minds. Leakey’s voice is authoritative, but not demanding; mysterious, and a little terrified when she uses her higher register; her vocal performance is enough to keep you listening over and over, if not just to hear her pronounce particular syllables, but just for the way she sounds like she’s licking her lips and clearing her throat for a new line. Musically, electric guitar wanders the dark, misty corridors of atmospherics, punctuated by the scenes from the aforementioned film, featuring plenty of blood spattering, deranged looks, and the perhaps the most disturbing use of a gas mask since that one Doctor Who episode. Watch the video for “My Heart Has Been Broken By One Unfit To Name” below, and head over to Leakey’s Bandcamp where you can download the single, or preorder a limited edition vinyl of it.