LINNEA overcomes perfectionism on “Finish Line”

Unlike most artists who thirst for radio hits, indie musicians are free to write songs that offer healing and reflection – and that’s precisely what LA artist LINNEA does on her new song “Finish Line”. The single coincides with the release of her debut EP entitled Everything Is Changing, I’m Standing Still, which is out today.

With its pensive lyrics and reflective vibe, “Finish Line” reminds me of Maggie Rogers and the longtime American icon Aimee Mann.

“‘Finish Line’ is a song about my struggle with perfectionism,” says LINNEA. “Production-wise, we really leaned into that theme and tried to keep the song as raw and honest as possible. I recorded my guitar and vocals together without a click track to get that live feel. Since it’s a ballad, we wanted to add some strings but have them be more left-of-center opposed to a super clean, classical sound.”

Listen to “Finish Line” below, or find the full Everything Is Changing, I’m Standing Still on the streaming services.

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