Lingua Ignota’s stark cover of Eminem’s “Kim” makes it even more terrifying

It’s Bandcamp Friday again, so lots of artists are putting out special releases for their fans to purchase, directly supporting the artist. One that’s caught our attention is Lingua Ignota‘s cover of Eminem‘s “Kim”, the unsettling album cut from his classic 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP.

Of course, Kristin Hayter does not approach “Kim” with rapping in mind, instead re-producing the dark and murderous tale in her own grandiose post-metal styling. With walls of metallic churn all around, she sets an almost ritualistic tone in the cover. The tale of physical and maniacal abuse is slowed down to a tortuous pace that forces you to immerse yourself in every horrible image. It doesn’t cover everything from the original, but as Lingua Ignota’s “Kim” stretches on, you’ll come to accept that there’s more than enough terror within it.

With all that in mind, it’s very much worth the $2.99 investment to buy it exclusively from Bandcamp – in case you want to revel in the lyrics, they’re reproduced over there too.

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