British songwriter Liela Moss recently announced a new album called Who The Power, which is coming out on August 7. It’s her second solo album since her other project The Duke Spirit went on hiatus. Today she has shared a new song from the upcoming album called “Watching The Wolf”, which she primes us for by describing it as:

“An imagined rebellion created by packs of wolves, who mete out justice when they lure a power-hungry narcissistic wannabe politician to his demise. A modern day folk tale whose villain is a fraud. Useless in the face of an emergency (“now comes the hour, when you’re not gonna know what to do”) and utterly inane, he has no idea he is despised by so many, including the animal kingdom.”

Moss fully embodies the bloodthirsty and predatory mindset on “Watching The Wolf”, while expansive production rises up beneath her, giving an added oomph. She can barely conceal her contempt, singing lines like “non-violently you’re considered a complete cunt,” before she moves us into the prowling and menacing chorus. A powerful track, “Watching The Wolf” imaginatively voices and lets fly to feelings of anger and frustration that we all have when watching certain people on our screens.

Liela Moss’ new album Who The Power comes out on August 7 through Bella Union. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.