It’s been just over a year since Leeds outfit Talkboy set tongues wagging with their debut EP Over & Under, and the sextet have been keeping themselves busy without the outlet of live performances by putting together its follow-up ahead of what looks set to be a very busy 2021.

The announcement of the Wrapped in Blue EP – which provides a home for “Stupid Luck”, released in September – is paired with a frantic new song called “Sky is Falling”. Premiering on Beats Per Minute today, it’s got enough energy to power a small town. You’ve got vocalists Calum Juniper and Katie Heap each taking a verse of tongue-twisting lyrics; an unexpected but entirely welcome guitar solo; and even a key change – all this while the song just about manages to keep itself in check, before a piano coda provides breathing room. There and gone before the three-minute mark, “Sky is Falling” is wide-eyed, chaotic and catchy as all hell. Per the band:

“We wanted to do a song that had more of an overriding feel rather than a literal trail of thought. Not much seems to make sense a lot of the time but every now and again you get an oasis of calm when things just seem to be alright and the Beach Boys play in the background. For us, those moments mean so much because of all the stuff that transpires around it.”

Tune in below.

Keep an eye out for Talkboy’s new EP next year – Wrapped in Blue is out Thursday February 11. You can find the band on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.