With his music project Lars and the Magic Mountain, Lars Kroon channels the amorous allure of legendary bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spaceman 3, and yes, The Velvet Underground. Today, Kroon reaches his hand deep into his bag of influences, sharing a delightful new tune, “Invincible”, from his debut self-produced and recorded full-length titled Everything Looks Good From Here, and BPM is excited to premiere it.

With billowing strings and increasingly soaring backing vocals painting beautiful images of orange-kissed skies for the listener, Kroon’s modest rumble cuts through the track’s hypnotic grandeur and keeps us grounded and directed to the tangible romance of his words.

Kroon opens the love-adorned “Invincible” with a simply-spoken, heartwarmingly sweet sentiment: “You are an open sea / You are the sky, the sun, the moon / You are everything to me.” It seems Kroon may be singing to his wife and long-term collaborator, Sanja Marusiç, who has created many of the visuals to his forthcoming album. But if he isn’t, who cares? Regardless of who it is directed toward, “Invincible” reminds us that love wins and can make you “feel invincible.” When making this sugary piece of psychedelic jangle pop, Kroon states:

“I tried to capture the feeling of immortality and eternity that being in love can give you. I embraced the idea of the stream of consciousness and used words and thoughts with a sense of lightness to it; strings, horns, gospel vocals, and some repetitive hypnotizing elements to try’n get the listener in that special zone too.”

And what a special zone it is. As punchy drums pick up the tempo, sweeping listeners off into a gliding dance, “Invincible” reinstills a truth—love—that is often difficult to remember during times like these.

Listen toInvincible” above, lifted from Everything Looks Good From Here, out on all streaming platforms October 2. As you wait for the new record, make sure to follow Lars and the Magic Mountain on Facebook and Instagram.