Photo: Autumn Dozier

Lady Dan finds joy in female empowerment on “Misandrist to Most”

With her debut album coming out later this month, Lady Dan adds to her brilliant early singles “I Am The Prophet” and “No Home” with today’s new offering “Misandrist to Most”. She says:

“[It is a] feminist anthem for any person sick of waiting on the convenience of men. Simply put: That’s fine, I’ll do it myself.”

“Misandrist to Most” is much lighter in concept than her previous singles, and musically follows suit, being the most luminous and instantly gratifying song she’s yet released, filled with sunny guitars, resplendent harmonies, chiming bells and even a twanging solo. Whereas “No Home” found her in a pit of despair at the hands of toxic male behaviour, “Misandrist to Most” turns that inside out completely, with Lady Dan seizing on her own individuality and independence and turning the strength that comes from that into a message of pure positivity. She affirms “I’ll be my own savior / I’ll be my own best man” in the irrepressible chorus, and you feel as they you just want to step out of the way of this tornado of determination and let her plow on with whatever she needs to do.

Listen to “Misandrist to Most” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

Lady Dan’s debut album I Am The Prophet arrives on April 23 via Earth Libraries (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find Lady Dan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.