Photo: Autumn Dozier

Lady Dan exudes dissatisfaction on the sneering “Not In Love”

Tyler Dozier aka Lady Dan released her glorious debut album I Am The Prophet last year (as well as her spooky cover of “Just The Two Of Us”), and this week reveals a b-side from the record called “Not In Love”. She says:

“I wrote this song a few years ago, when I was going through a really difficult time with my mental health. I was experiencing some of the worst anxiety and depression that I’ve experienced to this day. When I would listen to music I would take note of all the sweet and endearing love songs people could write about a person, and I thought that was something I would never be able to do in a way I actually enjoyed. I still feel that way about it. But also, not being in love in the first place doesn’t help.”

It seems obvious that “Not In Love” didn’t make the cut for the album not because of lack of quality but simply because it’s quite a different timbre to most of the songs on there. Riding atop scorching guitar, Dozier makes no bones about her mood: “I’d like to write a love song about anyone / The problem is I’m so angry all the time,” she flatly states, somehow making what could be a petulant admission sound pretty punk. She throws in several more barbs against herself like “gentleness and sweetness don’t follow me anywhere I go” – but she’s harnessed that lack of sweetness to great, fist-pumping effect here.

Check out “Not In Love” below or find it on streaming platforms.

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Make sure to catch her at one of these dates if you can:

02/11 – Austin, TX at the Far Out Lounge w/ Stunts and Brody Price
02/17 – Burlington, VT w/ Greg Freeman and Sarah Rackliff
02/18 – Montreal, QC – Diving Bell w/ Marlaena Moore and Shasha Cay
02/21 – Cleveland, OH at the B-Side w/ Lake Philly and Warren Village
02/23 – Columbus, OH at the Vatican w/ Jake Summers and Left Out
02/24 – Indianapolis, IN at Sofar Sessions Indy
02/25 – Nashville, TN at the End w/ Abby Johnson and Brennan Wedl
02/27 – Atlanta, GA at Boggs Social w/ Bitter Calm and True Dark
02/28 – Birmingham, AL at Saturn w/ Bitter Calm
03/02 – Houston, TX at Satellite
03/23-27 – Treefort Music Fest

More dates TBA