Photo: Agatha Powa

Joshua Idehen pays tribute to his ride or die with the joyous “I Got You Every Step Of The Way”

After a decade of collaboration, the multi-talented Joshua Idehen finally dropped his debut solo single back in March with “Don’t You Give Up On Me”. Thankfully, it wasn’t a one-off, and he returns today with a second single called “I Got You Every Step Of The Way”, which is dedicated to novelist Leone Ross. He says:

“Leone Ross is one of my best friends, godmother to my daughter, and legit one of the reasons I’m still alive. I told her I’d write her a song. She likes it. Everything else is extra.”

That joy and compassion comes beaming out of every note and beat of “I Got You Every Step Of The Way”. Floating somewhere between pop and low-key house, it finds Idehen speak-rapping over the insistent bounce, filling us in on all the ways and times that Leone Ross has been his rock, whether its “gleefully spilling the tea” or hashing out feelings of failure. It all builds to the triumphant chorus: “I know it’s hard sometimes / I got you every step of the way,” sung by a chorus of beautiful voices. Simple, but deadly effective and deeply endearing.

Listen to it below or find it on streaming platforms.

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