Photo: Agatha Powa

Joshua Idehen marks his solo debut with the powerful “Don’t You Give Up On Me”

For over 10 years, Joshua Idehen has been a serial collaborator. From electronic jazz bands to straight-up house producers, musicians have turned to the poet for his powerful assertions on identity and politics, expressed through a stirring blend of Nigerian and London dialects. Now, he’s going solo with new single “Don’t You Give Up On Me”.

Somewhat fittingly, Idehen says of the track: “I feel people are too quick with each other these days: I know I’ve been guilty of it at times. This is a plea for a bit more patience with each other, and for me to be a bit more patient with myself.”

“Don’t You Give Up On Me” is produced by Saturday, Monday, who combines soulful piano chords with heavenly strings and a wandering bassline. Idehen’s metaphors trickle through the light, rustling beat like a stream through a meadow, opening out into a rich chorus of gospel choir vocals. The song is a complex tale of friendship during difficult times. Still, Idehen finds strength in hope. “I’m still here beneath the layers, mate,” he says, and the sincerity in his voice leaves one no choice but to believe him.

Listen to “Don’t You Give Up On Me” below or on streaming platforms.

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