Photo: Logan Hill

Jessie Goldsmith unveils the brilliant ballad “Mine”

Tina Turner is the only musician I can name who split time between Zurich, Switzerland and the United States…until now. Swiss-born Jessie Goldsmith is making a splash both on the continent and in Nashville with her new single “Mine”.

“Mine” is a sneaky-great ballad that gets more irresistible on each listen. Jessie precedes the hook with a five-chord set-up worthy of The Beatles.

Goldsmith got the idea for “Mine” during a train ride in Austria. “I was scrolling through my phone, looking at old pictures and videos,” she recalls. “By chance, I stumbled upon a video sequence of me freestyle jamming to this forgotten song and felt a surge of inspiration. In that one-hour train journey, I managed to finish the song.”

Goldsmith’s talent extends far beyond ballads. She’s also crafted some uptempo pop gems like “Jealous”. Switzerland is known for its neutrality, but there’s no way you can feel neutral about this rising star. We’re eagerly awaiting her debut EP next year.

Listen to “Mine” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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