Photo: Alex Lambrechts

Jessie Goldsmith is riveting on “Rockstar”

Jessie Goldsmith is a globe-hopping Swiss artist with ties to both LA and Nashville. “Rockstar” is one of the highlights of her new EP Midnight Muse. Goldsmith reminds me a lot of Miley Cyrus because her songs are moody, melodic and beautifully sung.

“Rockstar” could easily be a radio hit on either the pop or country charts because it has a Lainey Wilson-esque appeal. The same goes for “Best Part”, a song with an intriguing LA storyline.

Commenting on the EP’s title, Jessie says, “The middle of the night is where I get the most creative. It’s the time where I reflect and I’m able to wind down. No phone calls, no texts, no social media. It’s only me and my thoughts. It’s the time where I meet my muse.”

Even though she writes songs at 3 a.m., this is not a “bedroom pop” EP but one that feels destined for radio airplay thanks to Goldsmith’s alluring alto voice.

Listen to “Rockstar” below, or find the full Midnight Muse EP on your favorite streamer.

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