JC Palmer are a fourpiece originating from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, but now residing in the artistically fertile realm of South London. Although there have been some releases from the project before, today they kick on in earnest with the release of new single “Fidget”, arriving via Art’s Cool’s Single Series.

Introducing the track, singer Jake Palmer says: “‘Fidget’ is about misunderstanding what it means to be emotionally intimate, like some impatient gardener expecting closeness and an important connection to spring out of infertile ground. It’s about finally realising that you’ve been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, and letting go of the situation that you were trying desperately to make work.”

JC Palmer’s take a hyper-active approach to “Fidget”, perfectly encapsulating the misunderstanding of emotional intimacy – it’s almost as if the idea of getting up close and personal with someone is sending their minds into meltdown, backed up by the opening description: “restless mind / hungry body / eats whatever it can.” High-tension razor guitar forms the core of “Fidget”, which surges forward with animated agitation, just about keeping up with Palmer’s twitching thoughts that unfold in cascading exhalations. JC Palmer maintain the pace, and incorporate electronics, wailing sax, plinking xylophones, and even some good-hearted claps, all of which adds more momentum to this barreling blast of a track. It’s just what the doctor ordered to wake you up on a Monday morning.

With more to come from JC Palmer hopefully very soon, make sure to follow them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.