Photo: Özge Cöne

Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit announces debut album, shares spiritually spellbinding title track “Aura”

You could say Hatis Noit has always been destined to create music. Traveling to Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal at just sixteen, she awoke one morning in a woman’s temple to the chanting of female monk. The sounds – strange and new to her – struck her instantly, immediately exposing her to the expressive power of the human voice. It was, quite simply, then and there that she knew singing was her calling.

Years later, she’s finally set to properly arrive with the announcement of her debut album, Aura, which will be out on June 24 through Erased Tapes. Titled to honor German philosopher Walter Benjamin, who believed the term represented the “fundamental essence of art”, further stating that it is at its most powerful in its original form: that, essentially, it can only occur in its truest form once.

The onset of the pandemic in particular put these words into perspective for Noit, as she reflects: “during the pandemic, I really struggled. As a singer, I’m not very good at working on the computer. I much prefer doing live performances in physical spaces. Being with people, sharing the same space with them and feeling the atmosphere and energy of that moment, inspires me every time. To me art is that — that shared moment.

The isolation caused her, inevitably, to gaze inward, resulting in an effort that seeks to if not outright heal, at least be a salve for the ills of our current reality. She refused to let life pass her by, in spite of the limitations of lock down: “we cannot live forever, do everything or be everywhere. But that makes our lives unique and invaluable. I wanted to be focused on our limitations and show how precious life is.

Indeed, even her name is derived from an expression from Japanese folklore that represents life between our reality and the spirit world: the lotus flower. Much like her moniker, the artist seeks to connect the two. What’s resulted in Aura is a genuinely powerful, unique statement of voice.

Listen to the album’s opening title track below or find it on streaming platforms.

Aura comes out on June 24 through Erased Tapes (pre-order/save) You can find Hatis Noit on Bandcamp and Instagram.