Photo: Dan Medhurst

Rival Consoles shares the fluttering, bewitching “Now Is”, announces new album

Rival Consoles, aka Ryan Lee West, hasn’t slowed down since catching his big break with 2018’s Persona, having since released Articulation and an album accompaniment to a dance production in Overflow – and the reveal of his latest album fits this perfectly: Now Is.

It’ll be out on October 14, but to mark the announcement West has shared the project’s title track, a beguiling affair that gradually unfurls before you in often unexpected, even startling ways. It begins softly enough, yet continues to build upon itself, all before stripping layers away again for a joyful crescendo. From that point, it settles into an anthemic whirl: it’s playful and joyful all at once, a step in a new direction for an artist that never fails to intrigue.

Speaking on the album itself, West shares, “The title of the record ‘Now Is’ interests me because it is the beginning of a statement, but it is incomplete. I like art that is open and suggestive of ideas even if they are inspired by very specific things. With my previous record ‘Overflow’ being very dark, heavy and almost dystopian, I wanted to escape into a different world with this music and ended up creating a record which is a lot more colourful and euphoric.

Check the track out below or via your favorite provider.

Rival Consoles’ new album Now Is will be out on October 14 through Erased Tapes. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Now Is tracklist:

1. Beginnings
2. World Turns
3. Eventually
4. Frontiers
5. Vision of Self
6. Now Is
7. Echoes
8. Running
9. The Fade
10. A Warning
11. Quiet Home