Photo: Mary Vertulfo

Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner and Crying’s Ryan Galloway team up as BUMPER, drop pop songs 2020 EP

It’s been a while since we heard new music from either Japanese Breakfast or Crying, but the figureheads of the two acts have been inspired during the quarantine to create together. Michelle Zauner and Ryan Galloway live a few blocks away from each other in New York, but went months without meeting.

They used this handicap to start trading musical ideas back and forth and came up with a whole new project called BUMPER. Having started trading files back in June, they’re now ready to unleash their EP, pop songs 2020, into the world. Despite the constriction of its creation, pop songs 2020, is bright and hopeful, with an 80s-indebted sound produced with a modern sheen. A short and affirming blast of creativity that is sure to bring a smile to your face at the very least – if not become your soundtrack for the tail end of summer.

You can find Japanese Breakfast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Crying on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.