Sure, the title – “You Don’t Love Me” – may all but scream sadness, but Montréal-based artist Janette King’s latest is anything but a pained ballad. Rather, it finds infectious energy in a dominant statement of moving the hell on.

It’s aided by a slinky, sleek musical backdrop, with King navigating a world somewhere between Aaliyah and the type of music that’d make George Clinton tap his funky feet. You can practically already hear Snoop Dogg on an imaginary remix (one that really ought to be a reality, just in case Uncle Snoop is listening).

Speaking on the single, King shares, “This song was created from my own personal experience of being in a very hot and cold relationship. Continuously questioning if my partner still loved me and always expecting the worst every time we would hang out. It was like being on a rollercoaster. In the end, we broke up and it was for the best because in hindsight it was I who couldn’t fully love them.

Having developed her presence opening for the impressively eclectic likes of Sudan Archives, Jamila Woods and CupcakKe, King has taken her time building up to her proper debut, which she’s now ready to deliver with What We Lost, due out June 25th through Hot Tramp.

In the mean time, check out “You Don’t Love Me” below, and look out for more from King very soon.

Janette King can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.