James Patterson triumphs on touching tribute to “Mr. Claudio”

Now that I’ve heard “Mr. Claudio” by James Patterson (JPatt from The Knocks), I’d love to meet the subject of the song: a Brooklyn teacher who works with special needs kids. The Latin-tinged rap overflows with the kindness and warmth that this rare individual must surely possess.

Says Patterson: “This song started as a Christmas gift to/about my partner, Mr. Claudio, who teaches special needs children in Brooklyn; a literal angel. When I would play it for my friends the reaction was crazy, so I started playing it out. I noticed it fit effortlessly into my DJ sets and became a certified dance floor igniter. Giving it to the world felt like the logical next step. This is by far the most personal song I’ve ever released and although there is some anxiety that comes with that vulnerability, I am excited to share it with everyone.”

The world definitely needs more Mr. Claudio’s, so don’t miss this rousing tribute song.

Listen to “Mr. Claudio” below, or find it on your favorite streamer.

“Mr. Claudio” is out now on Black Clay. Follow JPatt on Instagram and Twitter.