Photo: Erik Lee Synder

Italians Do It Better signees Club Intl. make a gorgeous intro with “Crush”

Club Intl. is the new project of John Eatherly (Public Access TV, Be Your Own Pet), who are releasing music with Italians Do It Better, and being produced by Johnny Jewel. That should give you a good idea of what they sound like, but Eatherly does bring a certain unknown quantity to this realm. He introduces debut single “Crush” by saying:

“A crush hits you like an avalanche. An electric storm throwing you towards a new destiny. The waters are deep & your feet can’t touch the ground. This song encapsulates that excitement of being forced out of your routine. The wind blows sand in your eyes…but you can’t look away from the sun. Waiting for a signal from the UV rays, unable to ignore your fate. Embrace the unknown.”

“Crush” finds Eatherly “deep down in a blue pill haze” and “not quite ready for my Jesus phase.” It’s an unusual way to describe that overwhelming feeling of a crush, but this sideways approach nonetheless captures that intangible emotion. Combined with Jewel’s usual pristine, glistening, cinematic production, “Crush” is a delicate blow to the heart in all the right ways. Club Intl. show that there’s plenty to look forward to from them.

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