Photo: Nicholas O’Donnell

Irish noise punks Naked Lungs arrive with a battering ram debut single “Database”

Irish post-punk quartet Naked Lungs have been stirring up some excitement for a few months, especially with the release of their live-recorded “Second Song” at the end of last year. Today they make their proper entrance with “Database”, produced by Daniel Fox from their noisemaking compatriots Gilla Band. They introduce the song by saying:

“The track came about as we collectively tried to harness and contain the intense noise of the band into a sub-three-minute track. Kind of like fitting a pint into a shot glass. No frills – no bullshit.”

“Database” begins insouciantly enough, Tom Brady’s vocals quietly requesting “Mr Foster, do you have a moment?” – but the distorted bass in the background suggests an onslaught to come. Even though you’re expecting it, the sudden detonation of Naked Lungs’ full force is enough to blow your hair back like you suddenly rocketed to 100mph. Just as you’re managing to settle into their pace, Naked Lungs trip you up, dropping out the onrushing thrill and cutting to a noise break down – before catching their breath again and flying heedlessly on. From there, it’s a nightmarish descent, Brady repeatedly screaming “open the gates and run!” while the guitars howl like wolves (or wolf-like men) on your tail, the drumming clattering like your fearsome footsteps. Escape? I’m not so sure.

Watch the video for “Database” below or find it on streaming platforms.

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