Photo: Angela Ricciardi

Indigo Sparke traverses dream landscapes on “Pressure In My Chest”, announces Aaron Dessner-produced album

Indigo Sparke will release her second album Hysteria on October 7 through Sacred Bones. It was recorded with Aaron Dessner, with Sparke saying:

I just had a really strong intuitive gut feeling that I would do this album with Aaron. We had met once years before in Eau Claire so I asked my manager to reach out to him. When we first talked, we talked about co-writing from scratch, I did have a big folder of demos but was nervous to share them, but after he heard them he said, ‘There’s so much to work with in here already.”

The first song to be shared from the record is “Pressure In My Chest”, which Sparke introduces by saying: “In the birth of memory, there is the eternal moment of time. All things exist here. Through night dreams and wishes, and hot tears and laughing stars, I carried myself to the desert to traverse the landscape of history and reconcile the ever present Pressure in my Chest.

There is something elemental to the way Sparke conjures emotions on “Pressure In My Chest”; despite its simple arrangement and interiority of its lyrics it is all-encompassing and deeply engrossing. It comes from Sparke’s mesmeric words, but also her voice, which does more than simply sing the words – it beams the emotions and imagery right onto your mind’s eye; we all feel the “Pressure In My Chest” as we listen. If her debut album Echo was her slowly stepping out of the shadows, Hysteria is set to be her pushing her whole life force out into the world; “I got lost in the void / But now I burned through”.

Watch the video for “Pressure In My Chest” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Indigo Sparke’s new album Hysteria will be out on October 7 through Sacred Bones (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.