Photo: Adrianne Lenker

Indigo Sparke is being pulled apart on the beautifully bruised “Colourblind”

Australian songwriter Indigo Sparke is releasing her Adrianne Lenker co-produced debut album Echo in just a couple of weeks, and today she shares one final pre-album single. “Colourblind” is the opening track of Echo, and Sparke introduces it by saying:

I think there was a period of time when I was almost laughing at how sad I was in the space of ambiguous liminal love. If you don’t start laughing, you just cry more. Its a feeling when you are kind of sick to your stomach and anxious but excited and not knowing what the fuck is going on. The space of waiting. Waiting to know someone else’s truth, or waiting to see someone, or waiting to see what the future holds for you and that person, or waiting to see if it’s even real. Everything becomes that person, everything reminds you of that person, everything speaks that persons name. It’s a bittersweet thing.

In the perfectly-produced sound of “Colourblind”, Sparke’s central guitar is imbued by the most minimal plucked guitar melody and brushed drums, conjuring a space of intimacy where she feels she can truly confess her heart’s woes. With previous singles “Baby” and “Everything Everything”, Sparke has proven herself a master of using minimal lyricism to convey her rich emotion, but on “Colourblind” she’s a bit more explicit and verbose about her heartbreak – and the effort is not wasted. With lines like “thereʼs a knowing in your eyes / thereʼs a truth behind my lies,” she simultaneously opens up a portal right into the heart of a passionate relationship, while also leaving plenty unsaid for the listener to detail in their own mind.

You can watch the video for “Colourblind”, directed by Sparke and Monica Buscarino, below.

Indigo Sparke’s debut album Echo will be released on February 19 through Sacred Bones. You can also find her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.