Photo: Adrianne Lenker

Indigo Sparke announces Adrianne Lenker co-produced debut album with the heartbreaking “Baby”

Indigo Sparke is an Australian songwriter who has put out a clutch of compelling tracks over the last few years, but is set to release her debut album Echo on January 29. The album was co-produced by Adrianne Lenker and also features contributions from her Big Thief bandmate James Krivchenia and producer Andrew Sarlo. The first song to be shared from the album is “Baby”, with Sparke revealing:

I think love is quite sadly beautiful and haunting, to be at the mercy of the tides of love, to let it turn you inside out and distill you into something magnificent or strip you bare. I think this song came from dreams and endless love letters sent back and forth across oceans in the forms of songs. So much hope and fear and a burning star shining with just that one persons image… and the lullaby, there is only love. Sometimes it feels like you are canoeing in the river in the sky searching for this person who truly sees you and sometimes it comes along in the most unexpected ways. It can feel so achy. The longing.

All of the adjectives Indigo uses to describe love in the above quote – sadly beautiful, haunting, achy – are equally attributable to “Baby”. A song that is simple in composition, with Indigo’s pristine voice floating atop her guitar and some very minimal synth and glockenspiel, “Baby” is deceptively complex on an emotional level. Fully investing herself in the pain of separation from a loved one, she turns the sensation into glorious turns of phrase like “I’ve been searching all the starry roads / to find my way back to your corridors.” Overflowing with compassion and longing, “Baby” immediately captivates and will keep us floating until we get to hear the rest of Echo.

Indigo Sparke’s debut album Echo will be released on January 29, and is available for pre-order from her Bandcamp. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.