Immersion invite guests into a super supergroup, share “Skylarks” with Ulrich Schnauss and announce album

If you’re a fan of artful, leftfield music, it’s not even the slightest exaggeration to call Immersion‘s (aka Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel and Wire’s Colin Newman) latest foray a super-supergroup. Boasting their already impressive combined power, the two have joined up with Tarwater, Laetitia Sadier, Ulrich Schnauss and Scanner. Phew.

All together, they’re set to share a collective album, Nanocluster Vol 1, with each guest collaborating on three tracks. To celebrate the occasion they’ve shared the project’s first single, “Skylarks”, an understated, proggy delight, with Ulrich Schnauss.

Speaking on the track, Colin Newman shares, “Ulrich Schnauss is not only a highly talented artist but also an amazing human being. The music in “Skylarks” is about, if about anything, the magic of summer and we have attempted to capture something of that in the video which is all shot within walking distance of our house in Brighton. The track is part of an album which is all about friendship & collaboration.

Check out “Skylarks” below.

Immersion’s Nanocluster Vol. 1 arrives on September 4 via Swim ~ (pre-order). The track list is:

Immersion, Tarwater 
1. Ripples // 2. Mrs. Wood // 3. All You Cat Lovers
Immersion, Laetitia Sadier 
4. Unclustered // 5. Uncencored // 6. Riding The Wave 
Immersion, Ulrich Schnauss 
7. Remember Those Days On The Road // 8. Skylarks // 9. So Much Green 
Immersion, Scanner 
10. Cataliz // 11. Metrosphere // 12. The Mundane And The Profound