Black Marble
Photo: Ashley Leahy

Black Marble gives Wire’s “In Manchester” the cover it deserves

At one point or another, most who’ve listened to Chris Stewart and his project Black Marble have come away with the statement, “They sound like [insert synth-pop/post-punk project from yesteryear].” To those who still can’t look past the nostalgia-filled, heavily-influenced exterior of Black Marble, you’re in luck! 

Today, Stewart announced he’s releasing an EP of cover songs—titled I Must Be Living Twice, out August 14, 2020. Yes, you heard right you nostalgia freaks—covers. With this announcement, Stewart has shared the first track off the EP, a cover of Wire’s 2015 song “In Manchester,” which he has routinely performed live in the past.

With Stewart’s voice pitched slightly higher than usual, he conjures the post-punk legends to full-effect, honoring their legendary sound, which he mentions he “hoped and trusted that the results would be complementary.” You can watch the music video, directed by Scott Kiernan, below.

Recorded shortly after Black Marble’s 2019 record Bigger Than Life, the EP will also feature covers of songs that extend beyond the golden era of synth-pop and post-punk. I Must Be Living Twice will include renditions of Grouper’s hazy 2008 track “Poison Tree” and The Field of Mice’s jangly 1997 cut “Emma’s House”.

Black Marble’s fittingly titled I Must Be Living Twice EP will release via Sacred Bones Records on August 14, and will be available for pre-order via Bandcamp in observance of the July 3rd revenue waiving initiative.

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